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How to Navigate this Site:

To view the falls, place your cursor on the name of the state whose waterfalls you would like to view. You can use the up and down keys on your keyboard or use your mouse wheel to navigate the list of falls. Click on the waterfall in which you would like to view. Please note that the waterfalls are listed in alphabetical order.

​​The purpose of this site is to entertain you with photos of waterfalls and encourage you to visit the mountains. Note, these photos have not been enhanced using slow shutter speeds. However, water flows varies from day to day.
Accessibility Ratings:

​Rating are located in parentheses at the individual waterfalls' webpage after its name. These ratings are measured from the trailhead and/or parking area to the base or viewing area of each waterfall.

(1) Very Easy: Little to no walking required. Many can viewed without getting out of the car.
(2) Easy: Most children, adults, and elderly persons should have no problem viewing these falls.
(3) Moderate: These waterfalls require some hiking and should only be attempted by those who are able to walk longer distances and on moderately difficult terrain.
(4) Difficult: Viewing these falls require hiking long distances through difficult terrain. May include creek crossings, ascents, and descents.
(5) Very Difficult: The hardest of all of the waterfalls to access. Trails may be nonexistent and viewing the falls may require river wades, long hikes, unstable terrain, steep ascents and descents, and bushwhacking.

​​Some directions to the falls are listed on each waterfalls’ webpage below their picture. To obtain directions to waterfalls in which directions are not listed, e-mail Christie.

Photos or Other Information:

Many people have asked about copies of photos. The purpose of this site is not to sell photography, but if you would like a print or you have a comment, suggestion, or question, please contact Larry.


This site is dedicated to:

​Betty and Bob McGaha
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