Driving Directions: From the intersection of U.S. 64, U.S. 276, and N.C. 280, drive 0.8 mile on N.C. 280 to Old N.C. 280 (S.R. 1361) on the left. Turn left onto Old N.C 280 and drive 0.2 mile to Turkey Creek Road (S.R. 1360) on the left past a bridge. Turn left onto Turkey Creek Road and continue a short distance to where the road forks, with Ivy Lane (S.R. 1400) on the left, the gravel Turkey Creek Road in the middle, and another gravel road marked with a blue sign marked WP 9 on the right. Take the middle road to stay on Turkey Creek Road and drive 0.7 mile to a fork in the road. Park here.
Hiking Directions: The gated road to the left is F.R. 5060. Take the right fork for a short distance and cross the creek. After crossing the creek, take the gated logging road to the left. Hike 0.22 mile to a side path on the left that leads to the creek. It is necessary to rock hock and wade up the creek in order to see the falls.