ROCK HOUSE FALLS (3)
           PHOTO BY: CHRISTIE W.
Driving Directions: From the intersection of U.S. 64 W and N.C. 281 S, drive 1.5 miles to the entrance of Burlingame at Sapphire Lake. Turn left onto Upper Whitewater Road and drive 0.8 mile to Sapphire Road on the left. Turn left onto Sapphire Road and continue to a fork in 0.3 mile. Take the left fork onto the now gravel Upper Whitewater Road. Drive 0.7 mile to a gravel road on the left with a No Trespassing Sign and an obvious trail on the right.

Hiking Directions: Follow the obvious trail on the right to a fork. Take the left fork and cross the creek. Follow the trail on the other side of the creek to another fork, shortly after an opposite facing sign for the Rockhouse Cliff Spur Trail. Go right and follow the path to a viewing area near the base of the falls.