Driving Directions: From downtown Brevard, drive 3.3 miles west on U.S. 64. At the brown and yellow sign for the Kuykendall Group Camp, turn right onto Catheys Creek Road (S.R. 1401). Make an immediate left and continue 0.7 mile to where the pavement ends and turns to gravel. Drive 1.4 miles and cross a bridge. Immediately after the bridge is the Kuykendall Group Camp. Continue 0.3 mile and cross another bridge. At 2.3 miles, you will cross yet another bridge. At 2.6 miles, pass F.R. 5085 on the left. Reach the pullout on the right at 3.1 miles.

Hiking Directions: At the top of the pullout, a small spur trail descends to the base of the falls.